Labruyère Highschool
2016 - 2019
Jules Ferry Classe Préparatoire
2019 - 2021
Ecole Polytechnique
2021 - 2025
Telecom Paris
2024 - 2026
Scientific cursus, graduated with highest honours.
Broad scientific intensive training for engineering college exams, ranked 9th out of 2500 candidates for the Ecole Polytechnique.
Leading engineering college in France.
Engineering studies specialized in machine learning, deep learning and computer vision.
Specialized masters in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
French Air Force, France Software Developer Intern - 2021
Infosys - EdgeVerve, India Software Developer Intern - 2023
MocapLab, France AI Researcher Intern - 2024
Developed from scratch a “serious game” software to train French air force officers in decision making on the battlefield.
Created a deep learning architecture to smoothly track eyebrow movement in motion capture videos.
Developed a voice operated chatbot using speech to text, speech synthesis and LLM to train custom service agents.